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Who's Photo Layne?

Hey there!


If you've stopped by this page, then you're interested

in who I am. :)


I'm truly young at heart and always will be.

I was born in New York but have lived in this area

for most of my life.


I love my family very, very much

and am truly blessed and enjoy every day

that I am given.


Although I don't mind posed images, I tend to

shoot in a more candid style.  It's when you forget that I

am there that I am able to get a true glimpse of who

you are. :)


I LOVE working with children and prefer for them

to be able to play, run, roll around and enjoy themselves.

Don't worry about grumpy faces, tears and even toddler fits..

Bribery works wonders. Haha!!

I guarantee you that by the end of our time together,

we will all be best friends.


When we meet, you'll find that I laugh a lot and that

I truly enjoy what I do. And I believe that's why we

will both leave feeling like it was time well spent. :)


I hope that you have enjoyed my website and if you

have any questions or concerns...please feel free to contact me.


I would love to talk with you. :)


God Bless,

Danielle Layne